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How To Target The Female Audience With Your Flyers

   If you have products or services aimed for a predominantly female market, then you will have to invest in flyer printing that is equally targeted for that female audience.

   While a normal type of printing and design can do a good job of promoting something to that female market, there is still a big difference if you precisely design your color flyers to attract those women. In this special tutorial, we will teach you how to target that female audience. Just read below and see what kinds of design techniques you will need to adopt to get those women.

   •     Use words that get females looking – If there is something most people accept about the female demographic is that most of them love the concept of shopping. More particularly, bargain hunting and bargain shopping. You can utilize this concept in printing and use words related to bargains to get females look at your prints. So use large type fonts with the words SALE, FREE, DISCOUNT and other related words should do the trick in attracting women’s attention. Just integrate those bargain concepts in your marketing copy and you should have a good start in attracting that all important target market.

    •     Use elegant and stylish font styles – Most female audiences are also very particular with the styles. If you are using generic font styles, you will not get immediate attention unlike others with very stylish fonts. It is important for you to actually acquire new and more creative font styles to get the attention of your target. Use those online font databases and download the bets elegant and stylish fonts that are apt for your themes. The more creative and memorable those text fonts are, the better your chances of attracting those female audiences.
  •     Use images that show emotions and a connection – For the female audience, it is important to connect with them emotionally. Cold product images are not as good as powerful images with engaging models and emotional elements. This means that you will want to always be very deliberate with choice of cover images. Use photographs that are not only beautiful, but have also a deep connection to those readers. The more they can identify with the image, the more they can relate to such. So make sure you have images with models that represent your target markets specifically.

   •     Use specific attractive colors for women – When it comes to color, you will want to use the ones that best attracts women. Cold and dark colors are of course a no-no. Use very warm colors instead such as Red, Orange and Yellow. Earth tones can also be used such as Green and Brown, while there is also always an option to use pastel colors as well. These colors have a better and more welcoming emotional element that should help them be read first by the female target market. So try out using these colors first.
    •     Use special glossy inks and paper – Finally, to make the icing on the cake so to speak when it comes to printing for that female audience, you might want to invest in special glossy inks and paper. These materials add a very distinct gleam to your flyer printing elements, making it more impressive and of course appealing.
   This is how you can target that female audience. Take all these tips to heart to succeed with your target market.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in color flyers and flyer printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks
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