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   Postcard printing has long been used to further marketing goals of many companies. The trick though in being effective with these prints is to adopt some good and effective strategies in deployment.

   In this tutorial, I will teach you five of the best habits that you should adopt to make sure that you deploy your color postcards right for marketing. The better you do this the more effective your investment in printing should become. So make sure you read and try to adopt these great habits for deployment.

   1.     Research always first and identify key readership targets – Knowing is half the battle, as they say. In this battle for effective deployment, research is key to succeed. You should always first try to identify your key readership targets and their probably locations. Try to do your market research and know precisely where they live, and if possible where they work and hang out. By knowing this, you will know where the best areas are for deployment.

   2.     Get reliable up to date mailing lists – Next, to be effective at deployment, you should always try to get reliable and up to date mailing lists. There are actually firms that do collect mailing lists, which you can buy for deployment. Make sure that you buy from the best data collection firms and of course confirm that you are buying a list that has been recently updated. You will not want to spend money on marketing materials that would reach the wrong addresses, so be very careful and get the most reliable mailing lists out there.

   3.     Deploy to the ready responders first – When it comes to the deployment phase, it is always a good habit to deploy to the best reader responders first. These people are most likely to read and respond to your color brochures. This is your target market and if you first send to them, you will at least have a good baseline that will help you succeed decently with your postcard prints. So try to deploy first to the people who will help you out enormously in your postcard marketing campaign. You should get close to your marketing targets a lot faster this way.

   4.     Repeat deployments with reinforcing messages – It is also a good deployment habit to repeat the distribution two to three times. By doing this, you can reinforce your message to the memories of your readers, hopefully eliciting new responses from the people who did not understand them the first time. This repeat deployment typically can increase your responses by 20-30% so it is well worth investing in a new batch of printing to get those follow up responses.

   5.     Deploy pat the right times when possible – Finally always try to deploy or send them at the right times when possible. Do not just give them at any time you like. Try to specify sending those at specific dates or times wherein people are most responsive to marketing messages. Weekend and holidays are typically the best times to send personal postcards, while business marketing postcards are best sent on weekdays so that they can arrive directly to people’s places of work. By sending those prints at the right times, you get an extra 10-15% more responses since people are more engaged at to what they are reading.
   Therefore, these five essential good habits will help you make printing worthwhile. With the best deployment possible, you will get the best results possible!

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in postcards and postcard printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns. Visit http://www.printplace.com/printing/postcard-printing.aspx for more information.

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