Innovative Technologies Coming in the Near Future

Automotive Cars Innovative Technologies Coming in the Near Future

The Day is almost here were you will speak with your car merely by the though of it., and definitely without pushing buttons. It is just around the corner. The talented minds that are accountable for the bulk of the BMW technology labs is working on a system they call Hand, Head Input.

This approach allows you to speak with your car change stereo settings as well as taking phone conversations in your car via the built in car phone. Without worrying about actually, looking for the correct button to press this is a massive safety feature that is also great for helping enrich the luxury image of one of the most excellentcars on the market today.

When you are able to switch tracks on your CD player, and even change the music on or off without never touching a button you know you are driving a world of technology and that is the goal that BMW aims to provide. From the ability to simply shake your head yes or no to answer a phone to simple hand gestures that function your radio you are discovering new way of interacting with the accessories in your car.

Imagine too that the same car has the capability to know where cars are near you and the speed in which they are traveling. This technology is called Lane Change Assist that is being developed. With the technology, being developed it is a great job that will enables red lights to blink in the side view mirrors if it is not dangerous to change lanes. Talk about an really elegant car that is able to help reduce the amount of accidents each year.

On top of all these huge safety features the actuality that in simple terms they are amazing extensions of technology and you have a extraordinary car that is build with the driver in mind. Picture this, if this is what BMW preparing for the near future models what can be expected from BMW in the further future. It is almost impossible to ever say truthfully that BMW is a follower, with this fantastic technology emerging from their development labs it is obvious BMW aims to please everyone and have the rest of the car manufacturers follow on their heels.

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